Scythe of the Abyss


Control death on a divine mission


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Scythe of the Abyss is a 2D action and platform game in which players control Death, who is on a divine mission to kill the king once and for all.

On your adventure you will have to pass four chapters full of platforms with deadly falls and enemies with divine powers and the unwavering desire to end your mission. You will find all types of enemies: flying ones, holy soldiers, holy spiders, etc.

Fortunately, you can use the scythe of death to fight them off. Plus, you'll have a movement that includes quick slide which you can use to dodge their more dangerous attacks.

When you're hurt, Death can reap more souls to regain life. In Scythe of the Abyss you will run into normal people every once in a while, you can kill them to obtain life points.

Scythe of the Abyss is a true tribute to the 8 bits Nintendo games; it uses graphics and sounds that remind you of the legendary Nintendo console.

Scythe of the Abyss is a very good platform and action game that also has an amazing gameplay and lots of charisma. In fact, it is at times very similar to Bayonetta.
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